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Saturday, December 31, 2011

how did you end your year??

yeah, its almost new year..malam ni laa aku tidur paling lama kot..tidur jea..bangun tahun depan..hehe.. banyak story sepanjang 2011..suka duka..every year pon mesti end the year with tears..this year, ends with tears..siapalah kita untuk menolak kejadianNya kan..terima laa dengan hati yang redha.. bukan aku mintak nak jadi macam ni..setiap yang jadi ada hikmahnya kan..cuma mungkin aku still tak nampak lagi hikmah tu..semakin besar dugaanNya, semakin besar rahmatNya..insyaAllah..sakit tu masih terasa..sangat..but sampai bila kan..i'm not gonna give can do it ameera..i will survive..

ya Allah, i hope this year gonna be the last year that ends with tears..and i hope this new year starts with happiness..and may the happiness will be with me all the way..and i pray for his happiness too..may he get everything thats the best for begging you ya Allah..

for him, i have alot to tell you..the most happiest thing that happen to me this year is to know are the best thing that ever happen to me..all the moments, memories, i will never forget it..the best day is the day when you ask anep to ask for my number..and then we become closer day by day..i help you to stand again after you fall..the moment we hang together at library every night, study together, going back to KL together, the moment you come to my house just to take the biscuits, fetch me up from titiwangsa after my photoshoot, everything, i will remember it all..thats all left for me now still wondering why you did this to still can call me dear, kiss me when we chat, and after just four days you tell me that you already have another girl..okay, thats all..MUHAMMAD SHAHRIL RIDHWAN BIN EFFENDY, i love you soo much..

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