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Thursday, December 15, 2011


yeah,again..this entry is all about us again..dah bosan dengar aku dok membebel pasal kisah kitorang??so what..back off and go get a life..garang tak??okay tak..main2 jea..tak emo pon..just lately, alot of things happen that makes me realise about friendship..

alolo..comelnyee..domo itu..

credit to camera fon megat,bukan megat..

pose wajib megat..motif??dia rase comel kot buat macam tu..

theres gonna be alot more stories of us..just wanna share our happy moments..moments that we spent i wish he was here too..sharing all this happiness with him..but i know wherever he is, he happy with his life now..and im happy for him..

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