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Friday, December 16, 2011


last time i went back to KL from perak by bus, you are still with me..we are still together.. 
i still remember that moment, we are going back for our sem break holidays..we are still sit beside me..
i still remember at that time, we are both hungry but you only bought one we have to share let me eat more although you yourself also hungry..i never thought its gonna be my last time sharing food with you..i still remember at that time, one of the girl in the bus watching first love movie..i told you how i love that movie..
i still remember at that time, you let me sleep on your shoulder.. i told you that im hold my hand tight until i fell asleep.. you play with my put my hand on top of your ask me if you hurt me..i said no because i love it when you hold my hand..i feel safe..
i still remember, you touch my lips..i told you that you have dimple..on your left cheek.. but you deny it..i can see your dimple..and i love it..
i still remember,you told me how you shave and how you love to play with your half-shaved face..and i love it too..i love everything about just you that didn't realise it..
 and that was the last time we were, i am all the bus..going one sitting beside me..holding my hand when i'm cold..letting me sleep on the shoulder..and now, im crying..again..

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