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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

salam takziah

this morning got message from anep saying that shahril's grandma has passed fatihah for his grandma..somehow, i feel really sad..padahal aku tak kenal pon nenek dia..i'm sad because i know he must be sad..and i don't want him to be i wish i can take all the pain he feel right now and transfer it to i wish i can give him all my strength so that he wouldn't feel any pain..the last thing that i wanna see is to see him sad..but i cant do anything right now..he is just my past..i cant even message him, ask him hows he doing, is he okay or not..why all this must happen when i really want to forget him..i want him to know that i also feel the pain..that i care about him..but i can't..all i can do is just pray to God, may He give him the strength..

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