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Sunday, March 25, 2012

chinese new year celebration

yeah, i know..entry ni dah sangat lapuk..dah expired, berhabuk, bersawang dan yang sewaktu dengannya..but what to do..last time nak post entry ni tak boleh sebab takde picture..(tak seronok plak nak update blog without picture kan)..picture kat dalam kamera megat..kamera megat ikie pinjam..ikie upload picture tu dalam lappy dia..lappy dia plak rosak and kena hantar kedai..(mak oi yai relation dia) now lappy dia dah ok balik, baru dapat copy picture tu, baru dapat post entry ni..

sesungguhnya saya tidak tahu ape masalah dia..



with the lion..(whats wrong with my face??)

we are flying without wings

this is one of the moment that we will never forget..that brings us together as u guys..

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