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Friday, February 17, 2012

cry in sleep

maaf entry this time touching and emo sikit..tetiba hari ni rasa macam nak touching kan..tu laa..pagi2 start dah touching..memang the whole day gloomy laa, last night, i have a dream..about know who is he if you follow my previous entry ( walaupun dah agak lama tak buat entry pasal dia since dah move on ni )
out of sudden mimpi pasal dia balik..and in that dream, i cry..for the first time i cry in front of him..(sebab i never cry in front of him since we know each other) in that dream, i finally confront him and ask him why he did all these to could he make a girl, a really fragile one, who never ever fall in love, and never believe in love, fall in love with him, willing to die for him, and then leave that girl alone, ready to die..(okay, again im crying..sorry for being so manja this time) everything have change now..and i know for sure we will never be like we used to be before ever again..i miss those moments..the moments when we share stories about us together, laughing at our own stupid jokes, making fun with each other..memang laa we still can be friend..walaupun kita lepak sama2, shisha sama, naik train balik rumah sama2, borak like nothing happens between us, u hantar i balik rumah, but deep inside me, i know its no longer the same..and it will never be the same..of course i hope for the best for him..and i know he already get the best for him now..but why my heart cant accept this simple things..that he is no longer mine..dear heart, please be strong..because i cant live in tears anymore..please give me back my life..give me my old me..that use to laugh no matter what happens.. give me back my tired of crying..i cry before i go to sleep..and when i wake up, and remember why i cry last night, again i'll cry in the morning..when i open my books and try to study, i cry again.. remember those moments when we studying together at library..when i hang out with my friends, i cry again..remember those moments when we hang out together every night..and how i wish u are still here with me now..have a g0od life dear..never let your heart hurt again..because u already felt the pain once.. and you girl, please take a good care of him..i know u are the best for him..he may look strong..but deep inside him, he also have a soft heart..he is yours now..dont worry about he looking at other girl..he will never do that..once he love u, he only can see u..although u are a thousand miles far from him..(bagi siti nurhaliza lalu depan mata pon dia tak pandang dah) may god give both of u the happiness..till the end..because u guys deserve it..

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