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Sunday, January 22, 2012


memang dah lama tak post new entry..ampunkan saya yang teramatlah busy sebab dah nak dekat exam plus line wifi yang macam hawau mintak kena tunggu balik rumah laa baru boleh update blog dengan senang hati..takde lah nak menambah dosa mencarut bukan2 bila dah penat type panjang2 tapi end up takleh nak save or post sebab wifi dah this time nak story2 laa sikit, aku ada laa kenal sorang mamat ni..perangai dia exactly macam aku..kira macam aku guy version..(walaupun aku sendiri pon dah macam guy version) brutal, happy go lucky, kepala macam masuk air sikit ada fius putus sikit, friendly..he got many girl friends but it doesnt mean he doesnt have feeling one lucky girl yang dia betul2 sayang and sangat sayang..he wait for her..but that girl end up couple with other guy..and left him in miserable..same thing goes to me right..see what he send to her..

i used to think that things was going to change when i meet you. and i used to hope that this time, this girl will not do the same thing and go away from my life. i really wished that would not happen again because i don't have the guts to hold my tears anymore. look at those conversation above amy, can't you see how happy we were back then? i miss those days and my heart were left empty after you went away. is there anything that i do wrong ? you delete me completely from your life. and now i can't even find you anymore. try being in my shoes amy, try to understand how i felt. every night i pray to god so that He will meet me up with you one day. i was in penang like i told you three months ago, and i cried on the day i crossed the penang bridge. i was in penang as promised and i can't even have the chance to tell you that i was there. i saw your school and your hometown. only god knows how hurt my heart was back then. if you ever read this words, please think back about the good times that we used to have. please come back and help me to stand again. goodnight amy

he still hoping but that girl can just continue her happy life without feeling guilty at laa..both of us are stupid because we still hoping for those people that doesnt think about us at all..all those just a waste..

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