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Sunday, June 19, 2011

gift of a friend..lots of love to my BFF..

suddenly i feel s0 lonely..i miss my old friends..all my matter how long i've been friend with matter how cl0se we have been matter how hard we have fight before..i miss all th0se moments..all of them that ever come in my life..thanks for coming into my life..friends may come and they may go..but the memories will always stay forever.. i am happy if you are happy, because that was all that i've ever see you happy..and thanks for giving me the chance to be your friend, to cherish your day, to make you smile..although its just for a moment..a moment that will stay forever in my matter what happen in the future, always remember i am your friend forever.. like how the sun still shine everyday..dats how a friend should be..i'm your sunshine..

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