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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

My path

Whenever i feel like there is nothing i can do, or i dont know what else can i do, i tend to write it..same goes this time..i really dont know what else can i do..i never want it to be like one point, i really thought that i can leave my life peacefully one point, i really thought i have got my life back.. Its not easy, i swear to forget everything that has happen..but i take it as one of my life experience..i learn something from that..i learn to forgive and forget..i never intended to hurt anyone..that i even want to take their pain and give them my happiness..i know i am not the good girl here..but i try to be one..i know Allah swt will always be with me.. May all this make me stronger..when the cut have became a scar, it bleeds again..and i know it will heal again.. Eventually.. Because im stronger now..oh Allah, thanks for giving me the strength..for me not to deal the problems wrongly..and please always be with me..and guide my path..

1 comment:

  1. if someone is strong enough to bring you down , you better show them that you're strong enough to get back up.. and if you decide to be strong, you will be.. always turn to Him, are so strong girl :)