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Saturday, April 28, 2012

one story about love

today i want to tell you a story..about a girl who never really fall in love and never know what is love..what she know is she is happy being friends with why she need love??she always saw her friends cry when they break off with their boyfriends..she also want to feel the same thing..she want to know how does it feel to love someone until it can make she cry..because she never cry because of love..she pray to god to let her know about love and feel the love..just like her friends..

then one day, her friend told her that a guy want to know her..why??she also have no idea..but she agree..because for her its not wrong to make friends she give her phone number to that guy..and they start to contact each other..that guy already has a girlfriend..which he has been in relationship with her for almost 5 this girl is sure that the guy just want to be friend with her and didnt hope for anything.. just friend..

but things went upside down when that guy break off with his girl..he was so upset because he really loves his girl..maybe they are not meant to be together..everyday, every night, every second, all in his mind is his ex girl.. this girl try to make him happy again and try to cheer him up..she spent time with him, texting him all the time so that he didn't think about his girl and accompany him through phone until he sleep..they do revision together at library every night, and meet up whenever they can..

one day, this guy ask the girl if she want to be his girl..this girl, who never fall in love before, dont know about her real feelings..she really likes that guy..that guy always make her smile, and know how to make she happy..she get confused..she scared if she accept that guy and at the end she realise that it is not love, she may hurt that guy..knowing how that guy have suffer because of the previous disappointment, she dont want to let that guy feel the same thing again..because of she told him that she just can be friend with him..

as the time passes, things are going great..they still spent time together..just like a real couple..but more to best friends..only they know their feelings..this guy, keep telling her that he loves her..and this girl, starts to feel something different towards this guy, but scared to admit it..that feeling, makes she smile, whenever she thinks about that guy..they go back to hometown during semester holiday together, hang out together, make cookies for him, and so on..she love it when that guy flip her hair, she feel secure when that guy hold her hand, she feel comfortable when she lay on his shoulder..things are really great..

now, she is sure that she have fall in love with that guy..that guy have make she fall in love to him..and know about love..and feel the sweetness of love..and she want to feel the love forever..its time for her to accept that guy, and confess about her much that she love that guy..that she think she would do anything, anything just to have that guy by her side..

but then,, that guy seems different..he have changed..and when she know why, that time things have turn upside down..she have lost her mind..that guy have found another girl..and all she can do is cry..cry, cry and cry..she cant think of anything..the only thing in her mind is, is this really happen??and she keep asking herself that..and cry everytime she found out that its really happen..everytime she saw the guy with another girl, everytime she heard about that guy with another girl..her heart broke into pieces..a really small pieces..that it cant be fixed anymore..because she still love him..with all her heart..

dear god, i ask u to let me know how the feeling of love..and u show me how the pain of love..i ask u to let me love someone, but u take that one person from me..i ask u to give me happiness and all i get i suffer.. i ask u to make me brave to admit my love, but u make me scared to ever fall in love again..and now, that girl, still suffer because of her love..and she dont know until when this will last..maybe another week, month, year, or life..because all she know is, she will never can forget her love..that guy..

maybe she is stupid..but she became stupid because of love..she is stupid because until this moment, this second, she still waiting for that guy..who didnt even think about her..didnt even look at her..didnt even care..whether she's alive or not..whether she's exist or not..whether she's smiling or crying..she still waiting for that guy, who throw away the rose she bought him, who didnt even ask when she was hospitalized because of dehydration, who didnt even care when she cry every night..she is still waiting..

1 comment:

  1. tragic yet no one really bothered. And it's break up anyway. Not break off. Lol. You must've been cutting loose on the edge ey?