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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

i'm a big girl now..

so,its my birthday today..6th september..yay,now im 18..jom pergi tengok final destination 5 sebab dah cukup a big girl now and big girl dont cry..semalam study and siapkan assignment..langsung tak on9 because takut tak buat tepat pukul 12 baru on9..and faham2 jela..notification fb terus kena spam..banyak gila noti masuk..senyum sorang2 baca all those wishes..maybe for certain people its only a wish but for me,it makes my day..tanx for all those who spend ur 1 minute to post me the wishes..i know most of the people yang wish pon remember my birthday just because of fb but its okay..i also can't remember all my friend's birthday right..

soalan biasa during birthday:-
sape first wish???
-bestfriend kat kolej,mija message me around pukul 10.50 mlm..dia cakap nak jadi first one wish tapi tak larat nak tunggu dia wish call exactly pukul 12 midnight and declare dia as the first person yang wish..dia cakap mija punya tak kira sebab tak cukup masa mom is the first one..

celebrate kat mane??
for now tak celebrate since kat kolej and susah nak celebrate..mana nak cekau kek and so on kat tengah2 kelapa sawit ni..but plan nak celebrate this weekend with my classmates since i've got a few of them who celebrate their birthday this month jugakk..

dapat hadiah banyak tak???
i'm 18, not i didn't really expect for present..tapi kalau nak bagi pon takpe..rezeki jangan ditolak..meh sini meh..hehe..

harapan for this year birthday???
hope i will get more matured because now i think i'm not matured enough as an 18 year old girl..macam budak2..i don't even believe that i'm already 18..rase macam awet muda jea..i hope from now on i can be more responsible and can solve all my problems on my own in the best way..insyaallah..

sape jea yang wish this year??
ramai, relatives, relative-to-be (abg jai sebab he's gonna marry my cousin this october), bestfriends, old friends, new friends, fb friends which i don't even know,foreigner (termasuk dalam fb friend which i don't even know), lecturer, teacher mase skolah rendah , cheerleading coach which i didn't expect i will get a wish from him (chee wei), junior skolah , senior skolah, kawan kerja rhb bank, photographer, etc..

ada tak person yang u actually hope will wish your birthday???
of course ada..khairul fahmi che mat..haha..

p/s : tanx alot again everyone..

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