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Saturday, August 6, 2011

a day full of memory..its our story..

after quite sometimes, today i hangout with my big happy family..breakfasting at johnnys the summit..strategic table under pokok..and then pusing2 kat IOI mall tanpa tujuan..its not dat takde tujuan..ade jea..main reason pergi IOI mall sebab nak beli jeans aku..but we hangout there for almost 2 hours..obviously laa cari seluar 2 takkan ambik masa 2 jam kan.. youngest brothah suruh belanja aiskrim mc D..fine..but then later on mom and dad also tag along..nak aiskrim mc D lagi best..siap nak air rootbeer A&W lagi..adoi..pokai camni..then dalam kereta my brothers and me nyanyi lagu baby, justin bieber.. (not a big fan but since dat time dat song yang ade kat radio, memekak jelaa)..than dad pon tag along rapping kat situ..such a happy moment and bright day..

youngest brothah,wawan..

all of us..

me in front of the summit

me again as usual will be the model..ahah..

da only girl in da family..the retarded one..

dats only half ok..

under ini pokok laa meja kitorang..

sempat posing b4 berbuka

papa with his only retarded daughter..
im not gonna forget this moment..
p/s : the weird pics with grey frame was taken by mom through her polandroid..she's not in da picture cz she's not wearing makeup..dats what she said..

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