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Sunday, May 22, 2011

selamat tinggal kawanku

i think, this g0nna be my last entry since i'm going to matriculati0n tomorr0w.. right now, i'm t0tally don't know what am i suppose to feel.. its not my first time leaving home since i've been living at hostel for almost 3 years, no such thing i'm gonna be homesick or what..but what i kn0w for sure, i'm gonna miss all my guys complete my life..

0mg..i'm crying..what the hell..duhh..cengeng gila..tak perlu kot nak nanges2 ni..bukannye aku pergi tak balik pon..adoii..
p/s : see you soon dyla, mieza, atyra and syasya..gonna miss you guys like hell..

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