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Friday, May 20, 2011

bila boyfriend saya dirampas orang

first of all, sebelum memulakan my story, ak nk bg tau dulu..title entry ini adalah rekaan semata-mata.. saje bg gempak..yg dirampas 2 bukan my boyfiee pon..hehe..but still i admire him..i think most of khairul fahmi che mat fans dah tahu kot yg jejaka idaman malaya 2 da bertunang on 17 mei 2011 dengan aimie sharmelia aka jejari gigit jari jela, entry dis time juz nk pr0ve h0w lucky i am to have my besties around me..maybe for u guys its not a big deal but for me it show dat my besties always there for me..walaupun after that dorg mencarut-carut da..sorry guys.. the end free jea dpat bengong..i love u guys s0o much..tanx for always be there for me..asta lavista..
p/s : ignore last comment from farrah dyla..she always be dat way..out of topic..but i still love her..

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