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Friday, May 20, 2011

flower for him as i said b4, ak ada hantar bunga kt one guy..first guy yg dpat bunga from me..he is not my boyfiee okayh..please dont misunderstand..he is my BESTFRIEND..i know it sounds weird when a girl have a boy bestfriend..but u know wat, i dont give a i care..i love being his bestfriend..we've g0t our own st0ry..
naahh..back to my besties ney got problem and really,h0w would u feel if someone dat u really care deeply heartbroken..same goes with me..dats y dtg idea nk surprisekn dye..xde niat pon nk flirty or anything..h0nest, the only thing in my mind is to see his smile pergi laa google search.. search flower store nearby dgn tmpat study dye..bing0,found for order..n settle..
really worth it when saw his smile..

sape ckp guy x suke bile dpat bunga??its proven dat not only girls happy when they got flowers..

haha..obviously its my name there..full name lg..

duhh,uniform da macho..badan skali dpat bunga babe..
ngee~~so,moral of da story is u will happy when u make others happy..i am willing to do anything as long as i can see ur smile..always smile cz it means alot to me..asta lavista..
p/s : dari smlm x tido..(refer post b4 dis)..tnggu pak cik ney blik klantan..n dye da slamat smpai..