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Thursday, July 18, 2013

she is just a girl

she is just a little girl..
who dream of having a complete family..
which means sleep in between of her parents when she had a bad dream, 
or when the thunder scared her..
which mean playing with all her mom's make up and dresses to look like her, 
and end up wearing an oversized dress with clown face..
which means fight over a toy with her sister,
 or later talk about her dream guy at school..
which mean introduce her bestfriends at school to her father, 
and later have lunch together..
which mean having her parent at the side of the field during her school sports day, 
and later showing off her winning medal to her sister..
which mean fight over a silly thing every single hour with her sister, 
but end up cuddle with her under the same blanket gossiping about the hottest guy at school..
but it will never happen..
because it is just a dream..that never turn to reality..
the reality that she have to face is everytime she misses them, she will sleep..
and when she wake up, her pillow is wet with tears..
yes, she cry in her sleep..

                                                       Rise and Shine

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