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Thursday, November 24, 2011

there goes the tears

yeah i know..i never fall in love before..and even now im not sure if i really fall in just so hard for me to admit that i have fall in love..because im scared im gonna hurt..but watever it is, it still hurt me..alot.. for the first time i felt like im gonna die because of it..its i wish no one will feel the same thing as what i feel just too much..3 days without food, sleep, laugh or even talk..i have forgot how to smile.. the same fingers that use to hold my fingers, the same arm that use to hug me tight when i sleep..the same eyes that use to stare deep in my eyes..the same shoulder that i use to sleep on..the same lips that use to kiss me is no longer mine..i have to accept it..i know he is no longer mine..the way he smile to me, the way he talk to me, is no longer the same..i miss that moment..the moment when we are all together..making stupid jokes..laugh like we are the most happiest people in this world..i dont want to look pathetic.. so i have to show that i can bear with it..although deep inside my heart, im dying.. 

miss this moment so much..when we are all still together..those smile, im not sure if i can see it again..

the tears..time to let it go..

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