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Monday, June 24, 2013

born this way

have u ever met someone that really good at something until you think he or she are born that way?? some people call these people gifted..well i believe everyone were gifted for something..except for me.. everything that i think im good at, i will find someone that way much better in that too..and thats really annoy me all the time..until at one time i realize, actually everyone face the same thing..
sometimes, it not just what they do..the way they talk, the way they walk, the song that they listen to, the way they make jokes, everything are gifted..they are just being who they are..and when i find someone who talk so confidently, or listen to cool songs, or make jokes that can make everyone laugh, i just wish i can be like them..i wish i can dress up in style, listen to latest songs, make spontaneous random jokes..but if i can be like them, can i live a happy life??im pretending to be someone that i am not..
i wish i can be like someone else that i think much better than me..without realising there are some people out there wish they can be like me..which means i am better than them..which means im not the it??
i used to be happy with who i am back that time, nothing really worry happy with the song that i listen to, im happy with the way i talk, joke around and make friend..but somehow im losing it..and now i dont know who i am this the real me??or i am just someone who pretending to be me??
i have once wake up early in the morning prepare for my class..i stand in front of the mirror looking at myself and wonder what i want to be today??and i start thinking what to wear, how to do my make up, and what hair style im gonna do that this really me??when back then i dont even give a damn about all that..and yet im still happy..
who am i??why nothing goes right??why everything have to go wrong now when i already get it right once.. thee feeling is like waiting for something but you dont know what is you really want something that can make everything just right but you dont know what is feel empty down there..i have to find back my real me..the first step is be confident..wish me luck..

                                                                                                                         Rise and Shine


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