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Monday, May 6, 2013

Short story

One day,one guy saw a girl and decide wanna know that girl..he ask his friend to give his number to that girl..maybe he think that way he can let the girl decide whether to be friend with him or not..lucky him,that girl approved with thought nothing wrong to make new they became friends..
Day after day,they got closer and closer..they do much things together..but they doesnt feel anything..just friend..until one day,this guy have problem with his girlfriend and they broke off..this guy was miserable since he already love that girl for four years..this girl,as a friend cant look the sad face.. She decide to do anything to heal his pain..
As days pass, the guy start to love his girl friend..and he told her his feeling..but for this girl, she is not ready for any commitment yet.. And that girl keep telling to herself that she cant love this guy..because he is just her friend..she create thousands of reason to close her they continue as friends.. Nothing change..
Days pass..this girl start to feel special..the way that guy treated her,talk to her, protect her make she feel happy..she thought maybe this is the guy to whom she can trust to take care of her heart..she prepare a special day to tell the guy about her feelings..she sure the guy will be happy to hear that..
But that guy has changed..he is no longer the same guy..that girl decide to send him a text message and told him how much that she missed him..she sure that guy missed her too..
And then that guy replied.. "im sorry..the thing is i already have another girl and i really care about her..but we are still friends.."..tear drops slowly down her cheek..she cant think of anything but her fingers still replying the text message.. "great to hear that..congrats.."..after the mesaage was sent,she fall to the deepest dark hole and until now she still finding a eay to get out of that hole..
The end
                                                                              rise and shine
                                                                              ameera roslan

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